Madrid in 100 sentences

During a stay in Madrid you will discover very quickly that one's English skills often do not help. Many Madrileños either speak English badly, do not have the heart to speak English because they think they are not good enough or they simply don not speak it at all.

Not to wait to meet someone by coincidence with whom you can communicate in English, it is more useful to know some phrases and forms of politeness in Spanish.

We want to give you some useful examples that can facilitate your stay in Spain.

Hello / Hola

Good morning / Buenos días

Good evening / Buenas tardes

Good night / Buenas noches

Please / Por favor

Thank you / Gracias

You're welcome / De nada

I do not speak Spanish. / No hablo español.

I did not understand you. / No le he entendido.

Could you please repeat that? / ¿Podría repetir, por favor?

Can you please tell me what time it is? / ¿Me puede decir qué hora es?

Could you please help me? / ¿Puede ayudarme?