Madrid in 100 sentences

During a stay in Madrid you will discover very quickly that one's English skills often do not help. Many Madrileños either speak English badly, do not have the heart to speak English because they think they are not good enough or they simply don not speak it at all.

Not to wait to meet someone by coincidence with whom you can communicate in English, it is more useful to know some phrases and forms of politeness in Spanish.

We want to give you some useful examples that can facilitate your stay in Spain.

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Leisure, culture and tourism / Ocio, Cultura, Turismo

At the tourist office / En la oficina de turismo

Do you have a city map? / ¿Tienen un mapa de la ciudad?

What are the places of interest in Madrid? / ¿Qué monumentos emblemáticos se pueden visitar en Madrid?

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Useful words and phrases / Vocabulario Práctico

Numbers / Números

One / Uno

Two / Dos

Three / Tres

Four / Cuatro

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Means of transport / Transporte

By Plane / En Avión

Where is the taxi rank? / ¿Dónde está la parada de taxis?

At what time is the departure - the arrival? / ¿A qué hora sale - llega el avión?

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Restaurant / Restaurante

I would like to reserve a table for two at 21.30, please. / Quisiera reservar una mesa para dos a las 21.30, por favor.

I would like to have a table for three on the terrace. / Quisiera una mesa en la terraza para tres.

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Accommodation / Alojamiento

I have reserved a single room. / Tengo una habitación individual reservada.

Would you have a free double room? / ¿Tendría una habitación doble libre?

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Shopping / Compras

Where are the fitting rooms? / ¿Dondé están los probadores?

He/she/it is to: long - short - narrow - oversized to me. / Me está demasiado: long - short - justo - grande.

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