Madrid has an excellent metro system. The metro in the Spanish capital is very clean, safe and in particular, on time. Metro MadridIn the Madrid metro stations you can only get to the platforms passing through barriers through producing a valid ticket. Fare dodgers and homeless don't have any chance here. In addition to that, there are also sufficient security personnel and other employees to ensure that no one climbs over the barriers. In addition to this, all the Metro stations are monitored by CCTV. Please be aware though that - as in almost all major cities - there is always the threat of pickpockets, which unfortunately can never be completely avoided. Do not be too careless when being pushed and shoved in a crowd; pay particular attention to your bags and valuables.

All in all, the metro is the best means of transportation for a stay in Madrid. A total of twelve lines run from 6 am until 1.30 in the morning at different frequencies. At peak times the trains run every three to five minutes, at night though you may have to wait up to 15 minutes. Should you need to change lines, you may need to travel a distance to the next line though.

A metro map may be obtained free charge at all metro stations. It is small and handy and an useful aid in order to plan you trips through Madrid efficiently. In railway stations and on trains, the most recent metro plan will also be available.

Anyone who spends a longer time in Madrid should buy a ticket ten-ticket for the metro (diez viajes). These tickets are also valid in the city buses. These ten-tickets are available in each metro station at either the vending machines or the information desk. 

Metro connection from/to the Barajas airport

The metro line 8 connects Madrid with the terminals T1, T2 und T3, as well as the »new« terminal 4 of the airport (Barajas). Only at terminal 2 and terminal 4 you can both get on and off the metro though. It is a fast and very comfortable way to travel (about 25 minutes from Nuevos Ministerios). At the airport you must pay a Supplemento (supplement in the amount of 1 €) - this is in addition to the normal fare. Even if you only leave the metro at the two terminal stations, the surcharge is payable.
Our tip: Buy a ticket of ten plus the supplement for the airport; this is cheaper.

MetroMadrid, the subway network of the metropolitan area of Madrid ( Zone A ) and ML1

Metromadrid single ticket - 1 €

Valid for a single journey between underground stations in the city of Madrid (Tariff zone A) and ML1

Billete Sencillo

10 trips MetroBús - 9,30 €

With the MetroBús ticket, you can make 10 journeys on the metro or EMT without the requirement of carrying separate specific tickets for each system. It is valid in all metro stations within zone A and in all EMT, except the line from Plaza de Colón, which goes to the airport.
It is required that the ticket must be stamped separately for each trip. You are only required to put the ticket into the opening at the turnstiles at the metro stations.
If a ticket is not accepted, but is still valid, you should ask a metro employee for assistance.

The tickets can be purchased here:

Ticket offices in each station of the metro network (MetroMadrid, MetroSur, MetroNorte, MetroEste and TFM)

Electronic ticket machines are located at the entrance of each metro station, as well as in the barrier region of the Puerta del Sur station and the central platforms of the stations Puerta de Arganda, Tres Olivos and Estadio Olympico, at all EMT booths, in tobacco shops and kiosks in the city of Madrid.




Sencillo Combinado All subways (MetroMadrid, ML1, MetroSur, MetroNorte,MetroEste, TFM and Metro Ligero Oeste) 2 €
Sencillo MetroMadrid MetroMadrid (Zone A) and ML1 1 €
Sencillo MetroSur MetroSur and Joaquín Vilumbrales (Línea 10) (Zone B1 and B2)
Sencillo MetroNorte MetroNorte (Hospital Infanta Sofía-La Granja) (Zone B1)
Sencillo MetroEste MetroEste (Hospital del Henares-Barrio del Puerto) (Zone B1)
Sencillo TFM TFM (Puerta de Arganda-Arganda del Rey) (Zone B1, B2 and B3)
Sencillo Metro Ligero Oeste

ML2 (Colonia Jardín-Estación de Aravaca) and ML3 (Colonia Jardín-Puerta de Boadilla) (Zone B1 and B2)

Metrobus 10 viajes MetroMadrid (Zone A), ML1 and EMT 9,30 €
MetroSur 10 viajes MetroSur and Joaquín Vilumbrales (Línea 10)
MetroNorte 10 viajes MetroNorte (Hospital Infanta Sofía-La Granja)
MetroEste 10 viajes MetroEste (Hospital del Henares-Barrio del Puerto)
TFM 10 viajes TFM (Puerta de Arganda-Arganda del Rey) (Zone B1, B2 and B3)
Metro Ligero Oeste 10 viajes ML2 (Colonia Jardín-Estación de Aravaca) and ML3 (Colonia Jardín-Puerta de Boadilla) (Zone B1 and B2)
Combinado 10 viajes All subways (MetroMadrid, ML1, MetroSur, MetroNorte,
MetroEste, TFM and Metro Ligero Oeste)
Sencillo Suplemento Aeropuerto MetroMadrid (Zone A), ML1, to enter and leave the stations Aeropuerto T1-T2-T3 and Aeropuerto T4 2 €
Sencillo Combinado Metro Suplemento Aeropuerto All subways (MetroMadrid, ML1, MetroSur, MetroNorte, MetroEste and TFM) and to enter or leave the stations Aeropuerto T1-T-2-T3 and Aeropuerto T4 3 €
Suplemento Aeropuerto Required to enter and exit from Aeropuerto
T1-T2-T3 and Aeropuerto T4 for travelers with one of the following tickets: Metrobús, Sencillo or Sencillo Combinado
1 €
Abono Transporte Valid for journeys within the area of validity of the ticket
Abono Turístico Valid for journeys within the area of validity of the tick
General notes for all tickets:
* Children under the age of 4 may travel without a ticket.
** The ticket should be kept until the end of the trip.


Tourist Travel Pass (regular and children)

The Tourist Travel Pass is the most practical and least expensive alternative. With it you can use all public transports in the city, within the limit of its validity.
The Tourist Travel Pass is not transferable. At the time of use you have to carry an official document (identity card, passport, etc.), which verifies your identity and confirms the number on the coupon.
The coupon of the Tourist Travel Pass is issued with instructions for use in both, Castilian and English, as well as including plans for metro, RENFE, a city map of Madrid and a regional map, in which the specified means of transport and major attractions are listed.
You can choose between two zones: Zone A, which covers MetroMadrid, ML1 suburban train, Cercanías-RENFE and EMT, and the Zone T which covers all public transports in the Comunidad de Madrid, including the light rail system ML2 and ML3, the Parla tram and the intercity buses to Guadalajara and Toledo, but which is not valid for the regional offers of RENFE.
There are five types of cards: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 calendar days as validity periods. The validity begins with the first date of use. At this time, the expiration date will be printed on the back of the coupon.

Points of sale

Tourist Travel Passes are available at all metro stations and at the Customer Service Desk at the station Aeropuerto T1-T2-T2.
It is also available from the tourist information offices, the offices of the Regional Transport Consortium, some tobacco shops and kiosks, tourist attractions, at large tour operators, travel agencies and larger hotels in the city. These passes can also be purchased online.


Zone A

Zone T

1 day
2 days 3 days 5 days 7 days 1 day 2 days 3 days 5 days 7 days


6 €
10 €
13 €
19 €
25 €
12 €
20 €
25 €
36 €
50 €
* Children under the age of 11: 50% discount.
** For more informationen: Phone (+34) 902 444 403

Diferentes Abonos Turísticos

Travel Pass

The Travel Pass is a card and a coupon with a magnetic stripe. It allows free journeys on public transports during the chosen period, within the chosen zone. The card is a personal card, and in order to travel with this card, you may need to purchase a monthly or annual coupon which matches with the card in type, number and the zone.

Travel Pass types

  • The normal Travel Pass is for people between 23 and 64 years of age.
  • The youth Travel Pass is for those who are under the age of 23 and valid until June 30th of the year they become 23.
  • The seniors Travel Pass is for people from the age of 65 up.

Purchasing a Travel Pass

The card:

  • Monthly passes are available in tobacco shops.
  • To obtain a junior- or senior-card, age verification is required.
  • For an annual pass, either normal or seniors, you should contact the Transport Consortium (Plaza del Descrubidor Diego de Ordás, 3).

The coupon:

  • Monthly coupons at tobacconists and from vending machines in the metro (from the 20th of each month until the 15th of the following month).
  • Annual coupons at the Transport Consortium together with the card.

Use of the Travel Pass

  • It is mandatory to carry the card and the coupon with you.
  • When travelling by metro, EMT, TFM, MetroSur, MetroNorte, MetroEste, Metro Ligero Oeste or another company, which operates in the Comunidad de Madrid and has a magnetic ticket validation system that can validate the coupon when entering or leaving.

Travel Pass/Zone




B1-B2 B2-B3*
B3-C1 C1-C2







47,60 55,50 62,70 41,80 71,40 77,90 86,40 96,20 114,80


30,50 34,60 39,30 26,50 44,90 49,00 53,90 68,20 84,90


10,90 -
* Available to buy in all stations within the selected area of the individual Travel Pass.
** The price for the monthly pass is the same for all types: ticket price = 1,20 €
*** The annual ticket is free.
General notes for all tickets:
* Children under the age of 4 may travel without a ticket.
** The ticket should be kept until the end of the trip.