The network of public transportation in Madrid is outstandingly developed. There are more than 200 city bus lines, 27 night bus lines and several suburban bus lines.

City buses

The countless bus lines go to even the remotest corners of the city. The centre of these bus lines are major junctions such as railway stations, Plaza Puerta del Sol, Plaza de España and along the Paseo Castellana. The buses run every 10-20 minutes, a fixed schedule does not exist. The route of the bus lines can be found at the various stops.

Intercity buses

The intercity buses are comfortable coaches who interconnect almost all cities within Spain. They are cheap and usually run every hour.
The intercity buses run from the metro station »Méndez Álvaro«, line 6 Circular (buses to Toledo, about 4-5 Euros each way,
depart from Plaza Elíptica, L6 and L11).

Bus stations

Estación Sur

LetterC/Méndez Álvaro, 83, Metro Méndez Álvaro
Phone(+34) 914 684 200
Arrow rightSurrounding area and suburbs of Madrid, as well as northern Spain and international destinations

Continental Auto

Letter Intercambiador, 9, Avenida de América; Metro Avenida de América
Phone(+34) 917 456 300
Arrow rightNorth, northeast and Andalusia

Estación Conde Casal

LetterTC/Fernández Shaw, 1; Metro Conde de Casal
Phone(+34) 915 517 200
Arrow rightCastile-León, Levante and Extremadura

Night buses

The lines of the night buses (Spanish: nocturnos) have a different route than the buses during the day, the routes of which can also be found on plans at the bus stops.
These night buses are also called »Búhos« (owls). Their stops are marked with a sticker with a yellow owl on a black background.
There are 24 night routes, identified by an N before the number of the routes. The point of departure is the Plaza de Cibeles, from where the routes go in shape of a star and run on weekend evenings approximately every 10-15 minutes and during the week about every 30 minutes. These buses run all night and cost the same as regular buses or the metro.
Since spring 2006, there are additional night buses on weekends, following the lines of the metro, as they existed at that time. Despite the continued expansion of the metro in Madrid, these routes have not changed. These »MetroBúho«-buses run every 15-20 minutes.

In addition to the routes marked with N, there are two other bus lines that operate 24 hours a day. There is the Airport Express, which connects Cibeles with the Barajas airport and runs every night with a frequency of 35 minutes and which has a special price of 2€. The other line is the T32, which does not start at the Plaza de Cibeles, but runs between Legazpi to Mercamadrid with an around-the-clock service.

Two other lines are the NC1 and NC2, which operate on Friday and Saturday nights and offer a night service with a circular line.




N 1 Sanchinarro outward - return
N 2 Hortaleza outward - return
N 3 Canillas outward - return
N 4 Barajas outward - return
N 5 Colonia Fin de Semana outward - return
N 6 Las Rosas outward - return
N 7 Vicálvaro outward - return
N 8 Valdebernardo outward - return
N 9 Ensanche de Vallecas outward - return
N 10 Palomeras outward - return
N 11 Madrid Sur outward - return
N 12 Los Rosales outward - return
N 13 San Cristóbal de los Ángeles outward - return
N 14 Villaverde Alto outward - return
N 15 Orcasur outward - return
N 16 La Peseta outward - return
N 17 Carabanchel Alto outward - return
N 18 Aluche outward - return
N 19 San Ignacio de Loyola outward - return
N 20 Bº Peñagrande
outward - return
N 21 Arroyo del Fresno
outward - return
N 22 Bº del Pilar
outward - return
N 23 Montecarmelo outward - return
N 24 Las Tablas outward - return
NC1 - NC2
Aeropuerto Exprés
outward - return
T 32 Legazpi - Mercamadrid outward - return


The »MetroBúho« runs between 00.45 am and 05.45 am, the frequency varies widely though depending on the route. These lines operate only on Fridays and Saturdays after the metro service has stopped. This service also does not operate in all areas.




L 1 Plaza de Castilla Congosto outward - return
L 2 Ventas Cuatro Caminos outward - return
L 3 Legazpi Moncloa outward - return
L 4 Argüelles Parque de Santa María outward - return
L 5 Canillejas Casa de Campo outward - return
L 6 Circular outward - return
L 7 Las Musas Lacoma outward - return
L 8 Nuevos Ministerios Barajas outward - return
L 9 Herrera Oria Puerta de Arganda outward - return
L 10 Fuencarral Cuatro Vientos outward - return
L 11 Plaza Elíptica Pan Bendito outward - return
L 121 Alcorcón Getafe outward - return
L 122 Getafe Fuenlabrada outward - return
L 123 Fuenlabrada Alcorcón outward - return


Arrow rightDaily 6 am - 12 pm
Arrow rightApproximately every 10-15 minutes
Arrow rightOperator of the bus lines is the Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT).
Phone(+34) 914 068 810

Night bus

Arrow rightDaily 11.30 pm - 6 am
Arrow rightAbout every 20 minutes (after 3 am sporadically hourly).

Tip: Take a Grand Tour through Madrid away from the crowds. Take the bus line »C« (Circular), starting point amongst others Plaza España, at the metro entrance or outside the main entrance of the railway station Átocha RENFE (near Prado Museum).
For about 1 Euro you drive around the inner city districts. Duration 1.5 h. The line operates in a large circle which also includes amongst others via Moncloa - Calle Princesa - Plaza España - Puerta de Toledo - Atocha RENFE - Retiro - Nuevos Ministerios (Castellana) - Moncloa.

Here you will see less of the famous monuments but more of the true face of the city.

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