About us

The company PEAK- Mock GbR was founded in 1994 and was initially limited to the distribution of computers and musical instruments. Software development and consulting projects were extended to our new business fields over the years. For instance, our projects from 2004 till 2011 were creating the homepage of the SC Juelich 1910 - German amateur record champion in football - and a website www.peterheinlein.com about the inventor of the Pocket Watch.

Because numerous projects in foreign countries started, our staff had to work in some cities in Europe and the United States. We have found out that there is no »the best travel guide«; often you only find the places in the guidebooks where every tourist visits, however, this doesn't necessarily show how the city, the people and the life on the ground really are. Many web pages provide information on various topics, nevertheless often interesting details are missing or the descriptions of the data are not really user-friendly.
Madrid has a high turnover of shops, bars and restaurants, thus travel guides quickly contain outdated information and web pages have difficulties to be constantly updated. We try to improve this situation with this site as far as possible and offer visitors our unique tips for their stay in Madrid. In our website you find the most updated useful information.

In addition, this website also provides good tips to students and business people, who stay for a longer time in Madrid so that they can quickly find their way around the city.

We find it important to offer information on travel preparations such as finding the right accommodation, whether it is a hostel for backpackers or a comfortable hotel for the sophisticated traveller.

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We hope that out site can provide you with most comfortable stay in Madrid.


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